Development Log Week 93

Before leaving for two well-earned weeks of vacation, Michi continued getting our data pipeline into shape. Meanwhile, Martin worked away on the revamp of the chat feature.


My work on a better integration of the chat feature into our tiling interface continued, albeit not very productively. I moved on from the server-side to the client-side parts of the feature and realized that I had quite a bit of rewriting to do to make it work. As mentioned before, the chat has been around for quite some time, which means that everything around it has changed quite a bit in the meantime. I tried to adjust the old code as well as possible to the latest style while trying to strike a balance between "beautiful code" and "getting things done". I'm afraid I leaned a bit too much towards the former, so I didn't make as much actual progress as I had hoped.

Anyway, I hope to be able to finally wrap this up next week and move on to the next topic, about which you'll be able to read more right here in a few weeks' time!


Just as the weeks before I spent most time this week on features concerning the material editor (here I explain what's it good for). The most important of these features is the export of data from the material editor and the import into our backend servers. Exporting the data turned out to be quite easy, importing the data on the other hand not so much. The reason for this is that up to now we have defined most materials, products, resources etc. statically in the code of the server. Using the material editor we now define them outside of the server and import the data when the server starts up. That means that every reference in the code to a material, product or resource has to be replaced by information gained during the data import.

I guess I am halfway through to this refactoring and will continue when I am back from my vacation.

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