Development Log Week 81

We did it! It only took us 81 weeks but we have finally managed to complete our internal Alpha milestone. With the final bits of the Foreign Exchange feature falling into place this week, the game is now feature-complete in the sense that every core gameplay feature that we want to be in the first release version is now functional.

That said, it's still an Alpha version and there's a long way to go until we can open the doors to Prosperous Universe. Over the coming weeks and months we will have to add all the bells and whistles that make the game an enjoyable experience. This includes but is not limited to various utility features like notifications, an improved sign-up and on-boarding process, actual game content like the material tree and the world map, lots of balancing, UI polish and so on. Once Michi is back in the office he will also continue his work on the first "post-alpha" feature, namely the Ship Editor.

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