Development Log Week 80

With Thursday being a public holiday in Germany, I have been away on a micro-vacation, traveling all the way from the South of the country into the North and back again. Nevertheless, a few small things went on around Prosperous Universe despite the short week!

More Forex

Yes, believe it or not, this topic is still keeping me busy. This week I worked on a mechanism that will synchronize the latest exchange rates between all nodes of the cluster for static access by whatever codes relies on them. For example, if you receive a payment in a foreign currency, the code needs to have access to the latest exchange rate to determine what said amount of currency is currently worth.

I also started work on basic order management functions (like deleting a previously placed order) but only managed to finish the server-side parts of it within the short timeframe available this week.

Tiny marketing efforts

I continued collecting more potential news outlets, communities and projects that might one day (or even now?) be interested in writing about or linking to Prosperous Universe. As a part of this effort, I opened a corresponding thread on our forums, asking for your favorite places on the web when it comes to online games, science fiction or both. If you haven't done so yet, please head over there and let us know :)