Development Log Week 77

Yes, there are development news this week, but they all somewhat pale into insignificance beside the events happening in one of our team member's private life!


I finally had a few days of proper development time again and I invested more or less all of it into the Foreign Exchange system. While I've already set up the respective brokers for currency pairs a while ago, this week I implemented the actual trading logic. The general steps are very similar to and in many cases even easier than those of the commodity exchange system, but the accounting-side of things can make your head spin. After all, you can trade in whatever currencies you like, even if none of the involved ones is your own. So while I'm confident the code works as it's supposed to, I feel like another round of polish might be a good idea, especially because I want to add transaction fees soon which will make everything yet a tad more complex.

Speaking of FX transaction fees: I posted a somewhat lengthy text on the subject to the forums. Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are on the topic.

Michi (by Martin)

In about two weeks, we will show Prosperous Universe at the Games/Bavaria Vernissage once again. During our recent meeting at simulogics HQ, we decided to add a few usability improvements before that so it will be a little bit easier for visitors to find into the game. And while Michi was just working away on these items, he got surprised by the birth of his first child. No biggie!

All joking aside: Congratulations to Michi and welcome to the youngest member of the Prosperous Universe!

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