Development Log Week 74

A short work week and external deadlines make for a pretty boring development log. But those are the realities of indie game development…the money to pay the bills has to come from somewhere and even the most ambitious game developer needs a break every now and then. So Happy Easter everyone and see you again next week…hopefully with more news from our side :)


Due to an upcoming deadline for an external project I didn't have much time for Prosperous Universe this week. At least the first draft of the new website design came in, so I'll hopefully be able to release it within the next few weeks, including our forums.


This has been a pretty short week for me since I have been on vacation on Monday and the better part of Tuesday and Friday was a public holiday. At least I got some work done: Adding and removing modules from a ship blueprint works pretty well now and involves the server as well. This means that every action is persisted and even when the browser or tab is closed the work isn't lost. No need for save buttons :)

On Thursday I started implementing a ship module list from which modules can be selected to be added to the layout. Once it's finished it will contain all modules that can be added to the current design, with names, descriptions and an image of the module.

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