To a Prosperous 2017

After a week spent out of office we felt like a regular issue of our usual development log wouldn't make too much sense. Instead, we want to give you a brief outlook on what's ahead for Prosperous Universe in 2017.

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we recently completed our first full year of development. While a lot of work was finished during that time, we had almost no actual in-game visuals to present in our logs. This will definitely change in 2017: We are more or less done with the boring groundwork and are busy implementing actual gameplay as well as the final interface. Once the latter is done we will finally be able to show you what Prosperous Universe actually looks like.

More precisely, our immediate milestone is the completion of an internal alpha version which we plan to open to a select few volunteers. PU's learning curve is intentionally steep, but before we open the game to a broader audience we want to work out the most obvious kinks that could keep people from finding their way into the game.

After this initial round of testing we plan to launch Prosperous Universe into Early Access. At this point, all the most fundamental gameplay elements - production, trade and transport - as well as some crucial auxiliary features, will be available. Our idea is to continuously build on top of this foundation and deliver frequent updates which add additional, higher-level features to the game.

While all of this is going on, we're going to ramp up our community efforts. We think that we need better means of communication than the ones currently available, especially once the first people start to play Prosperous Universe.

These are our next major milestones and we plan to reach all of them in 2017. But obviously, the timing depends on a plethora of factors. So stay tuned and make sure to follow us here, on Facebook or on Twitter. If you prefer to receive important news and infrequent summaries of our progress by email, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

With that said, Michi and I will return to our workstations and make sure that the year 2017 will be a prosperous one for our project!