Development Log Week 52

This is development log number 52. Which means we've been releasing these posts every single week for a whole year now.

Writing this brings about mixed feelings: On the one hand, we wanted to be further into the project by now, maybe even have a first closed alpha test going with actual players. But taking into account that two attempts at getting funding for the project have failed and we consequently had to take on more external work than planned, all in all we are doing pretty well. We are still going and we are not planning to stop anytime soon. This is nothing to take for granted and given how many projects fail before ever coming close to seeing the light we are incredibly happy that we are still able to work on realizing our vision every single week.

To everyone reading this: Thank you for coming along on the ride! We can't wait to show you more!


It feels good to be back. After two weeks of recharging and spending a lot of time reading sci-fi and thinking about ideas for Prosperous Universe, I am happy to start developing again.

Unfortunately, a cancelled flight and the resulting involuntary extension of my vacation robbed me of one work day this week. A large fraction of the remaining four days had to be spent on catching up on stuff that went on during by absence. It's really incredibly how many emails arrive over the seemingly short timeframe of two weeks :)

Nevertheless, I got the development environment booted up again and actually finished a few smaller things that I started to work on before my large identifier refactoring. Just enough to be ready for next week, when Michi and I will lock ourselves into the same office again for once!


I spent most of this week on refining the display of labels and icons in the universe and system maps. I fixed the display of a ring marker that highlights a systems' position whenever the user hovers over a link representing that system or over the system itself. Additionally the star name is now shown as well.

Besides these refinements I spent a day to work on a new prototype regarding the initial world generation. I haven't shown it to Martin yet, so no spoilers this week :) I guess I can talk about it next week when Martin and I meet.

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