Development Log Week 49

Martin prepares for two weeks of well earned vacation and Michi is cleaning up last weeks refactorings.


Unfortunately, besides a bit of code review and some calls with Michi, I didn't really get to work on Prosperous Universe this week. I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks and therefore had to wrap up lots of small stuff around other projects.

When writing this I realized that I will be back just in time for dev-log number 52 which will mark the one-year anniversary of proper PU development. It's seriously scary how time flies!

See you again in three weeks...I'll leave the project and the blog in the good hands of Michi now :)


Last week Martin spent quite some time doing the identifiers refactoring on the server side of Prosperous Universe. He got it working and finished it just in time for his vacation. I reviewed his code this week and started to adapt the client side. Quite a few things changed concerning how we handle ids so almost every component on the client is affected and had to be at least looked at.

One feature that is quite handy is working really nice now: As a regular player of PU you can click through all the panels and screens in the game and everything works just fine. But if you are a more experienced player you can now use the identifiers (which almost everything in the game has) to quickly access things. You might use a certain ship very often so instead of finding it in the fleet list and click on it you can simply open a empty panel and type SHP id and it will open the ship panel. If the data for a certain game object hasn't loaded yet the client will request that data and display it.

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