Development Log Week 45

There aren't too many big news this week, besides maybe that the long lifespan of persistent online games can be both a blessing and curse.


My contribution this week was minimal. I merely brushed up the placement interface for planetary bases I started working on last week. After that I had to focus on my existing game. We got a big event coming up there so I needed to get a huge new feature into a presentable shape. That's the thing about persistent online games: They are...well...persistent. This one in particular has been keeping me busy for almost 15 years now. Let's hope that Prosperous Universe will have an equally good run :)


I am back from my week long vacation! My work on Prosperous Universe started on Wednesday though, because I was helping Martin out on another project.

Since Martin is working on the production part of the game I focus on the ships, travel and maps aspects. I continued to overhaul the old fleet windows and how ships and storages are displayed in the 3d universe map. In the last iteration one could only see that there are ships within a certain system but not to whom they belong, if they are moving or stationary and how many there are. I am going to change that by using colors and icons. The more of the old flight/fleet systems I port over the more of this scheme will be implemented an we'll see if it is working or ending up in a horrible mess of icons :)

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