This is going to be a short one…Michi took a week off of work, so all there is to talk about this time is Martin’s progress.


After completing the work on contract-related components I had started last week, I went on to get the production feature back into a usable state. One of my top priorities continues to be the population simulation system, but production and population simulation are so intertwined that I need to get one of them done before I can really complete the other. Since the production systems are already finished to a large extend and merely need to be adjusted to the new UI, I decided to tackle this part first.

Unfortunately, before you can do any production, you first need to start a base on a planet. So that’s what I actually ended up implementing this week: Our 3D planet map and the construction of bases. This is a relatively complex interface so I only got a fraction of it done this week. But it’s also a very visual one, so the work on it was quite rewarding. Can’t wait to get all parts of the “build-a-base-and-produce-stuff” cycle done!