Development Log Week 39

This week has been a bit different from our previous ones so our dev-log will be slightly different as well.

Michi and I locked ourselves into a room for five days to get a few important things done:

  • We finally wanted to finish our setup for Continuous Integration and deployment of our server components.
  • We wanted to reach a design freeze for the UI of Prosperous Universe.
  • We wanted to converge our development branches since each of us had worked on hugely different aspects of the game over the past weeks.

We’re glad to say that we reached all of these milestones. There will still be quite a bit of design fine-tuning required and converting all existing features over to the new UI will keep us busy for several weeks, but we’re super happy that after lots and lots of prototyping and experimenting, the overall structure of the game is finally starting to settle and that our technology is ready to actually deliver the game to actual players once we’re ready for initial closed alpha tests.

In conclusion, this has been a great week and more than ever we’re looking forward to the months to come. Stay tuned!

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