Development Log Week 38

We have almost reached the point at which we can properly deploy Prosperous Universe, but not quite yet :)


I did a few more deployment-related things, but not as many as I would have hoped. That's the thing with persistent online games: The work to run and maintain them is also persistent. As such, this week was dominated by work on our existing game AirlineSim. But there's good news as well: Next week Michi and I will finally work from the same office again. It's just for 5 days, but with 100% of our time dedicated to Prosperous Universe.


Martin's and my development branch have diverged a lot over the past few weeks. While he was implementing the second UI prototype I was working on features like the STL/FTL travel and the chat system. The UI prototype began as an experiment but now we are convinced that it is better than the first one. We knew that at some point in time we had to start integrating my work into his branch and this was this week. Since the way we handle data on the client side changed as well, porting everything over is trickier than I thought. Unfortunately there is not much more to say as I wrote no new functionality or features this week.

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