Development Log Week 32

Neither birthdays, bad weather or the Euro 2016 soccer championship can distract us from Prosperous Universe. The showdevelopment must go on!


I only had about two days of dev time to spare for PU this week and as planned, I spent them on the implementation of the virtual population's buying behavior. The work essentially consisted of three parts:

  1. Build a very crude method for the populations to decide on a price at which they are going to bid for a given material on the market.
  2. Implement the model by which the populations decide which materials they need or want the most right now. This was essentially completed last week and just had to be put into code.
  3. Take the information from the previous step and translate them into actual actions, namely placing orders on the local commodity exchange.

Up next are the actual consumption of the purchased materials and after that the most important part: The development and growth of the populations based on the satisfaction of their needs. Lots of work ahead...


I continued my work on the chat system. Still working on the basic functionality and the technical design. So far players can create channels, join them, send messages, other players receive these messages and can respond.

Messages are stored forever right now. We need to find a way to handle the message history of a channel. In some channels (think corporation chat) it is favourable to store the messages indefinitely while in other the history of messages is not that relevant.

I also implemented 'unique' channels. These are public channels that exist only once and even if no player is joined at a given time. For example each star system has such a local channel. One-on-one chats between users will be such unique channels as well. Can you think of other use cases?

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