Development Log Week 27


Most of my work this week was not development-related. Since we’ve announced the game to the public for the first time last week-end, I spent quite a bit of time with getting our temporary website in shape, setting up profiles in social networks and similar organization stuff. And because I’ve been working on my new interface prototype for almost 3 complete weeks, I really had to get some work on other projects done this week. Will hopefully be back to more dev work in one or two weeks.


The work on the faster than light travel system continued. The player can now set a certain reactor usage that will influence how long the flight takes, the reactor charge times and the amount of fuel necessary for the flight. The reactor usage must be larger than the minimum amount of energy needed to power all FTL field emitters and cannot be larger than their summed up maximum power levels. The higher the reactor usage is, the faster the flight will be, but the reactor charge time will increase also, delaying the flight. Depending on the length of the route (distance and hop wise) the player will need to find a sweet spot for the reactor usage and decide on what they want to optimize: fuel consumption or fast flight.

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