Development Log Week 26

We presented Prosperous Universe to the public for the first time on Friday at the Games Bavaria Vernissage in Munich. So the better part of the week was spent fixing UI bugs, tweaking gameplay elements and doing everything possible to make the game look good :). The vernissage is a small event with about 200 visitors, mostly other game developer, their friends or students. Since Prosperous Universe is still in such an early stage of development we kept our expectations low but the feedback we received was extremely positive which gave a big boost to our motivation.


Since I wouldn’t get large parts of the game converted to the new UI I’ve been working on before the vernissage, I decided to at least get the commodity exchange functions to a point where simple trading was possible and some interactivity - like live price updates - was visible in the interface. The rest of the available time was spent polishing the UI a bit (even though it still features only coder art and no final color scheme) and adding a convenience auto-complete function to the command field that allows text-based definition of tile content.


At the start of the week I continued to work on the FTL concept and code. I added a button to stop an FTL flight. It will stop the flight in the next system if the ship is currently between systems or end the flight if the ship is currently charging the engine for the next hop.

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