Development Log Week 21


Due to easter I didn't get much done this week and the time left was needed for mostly organizational stuff.


The week after easter was a short one, since I was visiting family and took a day off. Nonetheless I managed to get some work done!

I continued the work on the transfer orbits. Although they generally work pretty well there are still some edge cases where invalid results are returned. I am not entirely sure what happens but I think it's a numerical instability. I wrote some unit tests to investigate further.

On Friday I continued the game design of ship travel. I measured the distances between a random selection of planets within a couple of systems to get an idea how far the typical distances between them are. I then developed a formula that calculates the time necessary to travel between the planets. This formula will be further improved in the next weeks to consider different engine and ship sizes.

I updated the renderer to a new version and added antialiased line rendering so the orbits and grids will no longer look jagged.

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