Development Log Week 12


As planned, I started into this week with additional work on the commodity exchange interface, including improving the price chart and adding various order management functions.

I then went on to define more materials. Up to now we've only worked with three dummy materials for testing purposes. The new materials went straight into the definitions of our initial production "recipes" that will be required once we start the implementation of the production features over the next one or two weeks.

Last but not least I wrote a very simply market maker NPC that ensures that certain materials are always available for purchase. This will be crucial one day to avoid chicken-and-egg problems in the closed loop economy of the game.


I started the week implementing the planetary site placement feature. Sites have a certain radius in which no other sites can be build by either the player or other players. The area is displayed as a colored ring, which changes its color to indicate if the current location is okay or not.

Later I added a self-written breadcrumb component to the planet information window to have more space to display information about the sites. The idea is that a player can click on any site on the planet and the view changes to a adequate info window. Right now there are three levels in the breadcrumb navigation: planet info, site's modules list and module info.

I spent the last two days writing client and server code to be able to build new platforms at the sites to be able to install modules on them later. The ground work is done for this feature, although a clear concept which modules there are and what each does has to be done yet.

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