I completed the interface for material transfers that I had started working on the week before. We decided against a dra&drop interface for now and instead only allow transfers between a ship’s cargo hold and a local stationary storage facility. This makes it more transparent to the user where materials can be deposited.

The second day of this short development week I spent on the boring topic of internationalization and localization, evaluating different frameworks and finally integrating the (so far) best option. There still needs to be done quite a bit of work in terms of tooling and the actual translation pipeline, but technically speaking, we will be able to localize the game from day one.


This week has only been a two day week for me, so not too much happened, but I still managed to get some work done ;)

Routes between stars had, at least in some cases, holes in them. I figured the A* algorithm we used was flawed, so I changed it to the Bellman Ford algorithm and now the routes work perfectly. Later I added a system information window in which we will show various information (like planet and sun data, political data, resources, …). Its content will now update if you hover over a star and use the new radial context menu. The radial context menu has a button for the system information, a button to enter the system and a button that will later expand and show the various planets and other interesting points of the system.