I’ve gone so far in that I’m making spreadsheets to plan my company’s future. A true pinnacle of computer gaming.
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  • Build
  • Trade goods
    with real players
  • Customize
    space ships
  • Choose
    political factions

What is Prosperous Universe?

Prosperous Universe is a browser-based space economy game built around a strong online community where players venture out into the universe and carve their own path.

Make meaningful choices that directly impact the overall economy and contribute to the success or demise of your company. Be the first to discover a new optimization strategy or form a coalition with other players. And with no PvP, the possibilities are endless.

Climb the political ladder as you trade, negotiate, manipulate, or bribe your way to the top. Each planet is home to several factions, and it’s up to you to decide who to trust and who to betray.

  • 4000+


  • New

    Monthly Updates

  • 600+

    Star Systems

  • Thousands

    of Active Players

Real Economics. Real Ramifications.

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Phase 01


From civilization building to workforce behavior, reality has guided the design for this space MMO.

There are a wealth of factors to consider when deciding where to build your first base such as: atmosphere, minerals, temperature, pressure, access to water, and terrain. Understanding and exploiting complex systems are key to surviving in the vastness of the universe. Will you set up shop near the local commodity exchange or venture out to remote parts of the universe for more resources? The choice is yours.

Phase 02


No grind required: The success of your simulated business is not limited by the amount of time you input.

Set your own goals and forge your own destiny in the deepest reaches of space. Every resource and commodity can and must be produced by a real player. Choose your profession wisely. Certain materials are easy to produce but won’t make you rich, while others are scarce but require careful planning. Stumble upon a goldmine-like supply chain and watch your profits skyrocket.

Phase 03


Every price is determined by supply and demand in a real-time market exchange that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This online space simulator provides an economy in which all players compete and cooperate with one another. Trade or bid on commodities, in-game currencies, and information with a vivid operational interface hub. Bringing wealth to your base will increase your workforce population, and over time your space colony will transform into economic force to be reckoned with.

Phase 04


Transport cargo, design spaceships, or explore remote planets as you so desire.

Spaceships provide players with a multitude of strategies. Will you establish multiple bases across the galaxy, ferrying materials to and from each location? Or maybe you would rather fulfil shipment contracts where you deliver resources to other players, for a price of course. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge, you don’t want to be caught on the intergalactic highway on empty.

Phase 05


Become the Governor of your planet and rule with an iron fist or a benevolent heart.

Many planets are home to several political factions. These factions have their own interests and political agendas that may run in opposition to your personal or collective goals. Choose to join them or work against them. With enough leverage, you’re sure to be able to convince even the most powerful of politicians.