The Name

APEX is an abbreviation and stands for “Advanced system for the facilitation of Production and Exchange for the eXodus of mankind”.


The technical predecessor to APEX was the bidding system installed by the Exodus Council to organize the allocation of surveyed systems in the new worlds to interested parties. Consequently, all factions were participants in the system and for practical reasons, it evolved over time to support a large range of commercial applications well beyond its original purpose. As such, it was renamed to APEX and became the de facto standard platform for the exchange of resources, information and currencies among most of the world’s large corporations.

Current Purpose

Today APEX hosts a plentitude of subsystems. One of the most commonly used modules is its integrated trading platform. It allows 24/7 access to all participating commodity and currency exchanges in the new worlds. The powerful fleet management subsystem allows a company to track all the activities of its ships, even including positions during faster-than-light travel. Robust contract and communication systems allow for instant and universal transactions between all system users and a wide range of databases provide high-quality information about anything ranging from systems over planets to commercial entities.

System Access

Today, even the smallest company that wants to participate in trade and commerce essentially has to do so through APEX. To access APEX one requires a so-called console and the network itself is accessible to anyone with a valid console licence. These need to be purchased for any registered company and usually have to be renewed every 30 days using a APEX Licence Keys.