Good Influence - Development Log #391

Michi continues implementing the rating update and asks for help regarding influencer marketing.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

The implementation of the rating system changes continued this week. Last week I went into detail how I removed the existing sub-scores. I also talked a bit about why it is necessary to create a service that keeps track of the commodity prices at the various commodity exchanges in order to have a realistic value for each commodity.

I was able to finish that service and implemented the next step: Actually using the data to valuate contract conditions. The way it works right now is that whenever a contract reaches one of the terminal states breached or fulfilled we start the valuation of the contract conditions. These valuations are stored in the database and are then available for the rating algorithm to base a reliability score on. There are other terminal states (cancelled, terminated) that we don't use, because those contracts should not go into the rating. A contract can only be cancelled when no party fulfills any condition, so by definition these conditions cannot go into the rating. Terminated contracts only happen when both parties agree to terminate a given contract. We also don't use these for the rating either.

The next steps are to actually use the data to calculate the reliability rating and replace the old UI (which contains the sub-scores) with the new, singular reliability rating.

Onto a different topic: In the past we have tried many different forms of advertisement on many different platforms, with various success. In the end what worked best for us is influencer marketing. With Nick gone, we have to get back to it in order to attract new players to Prosperous Universe. Lena and I are currently in the process of setting everything up for a new campaign. There is much to learn though and one of the difficult things is to find influencers / content creators that are actually a fit for us and lead to new registrations.

For now, we want to concentrate on EVE online youtubers, as we have quite a few EVE players in our player base, and we think that there is a large cross-section in the EVE online / PrUn players venn diagramm 😉 This is where you come into play: Please let us know your favorite EVE online youtubers (or streamers!) and we'll check if they might be a fit for us! Thanks!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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