Development Log Week 34

Asteroid Day was this week and Mac has prepared an amazing piece of concept art matching the theme. If you missed it, check it out here. Besides that it's been a relatively slow week. But as usual, find all the details below!


Just as expected, nothing to report from my department this week :)


To get the week started I wrote a component that lets a player search for another player by name. So far we had no such component, but I think it will become handy at various places in the game. It works by entering a few letters of the player's name you are searching for and then the server returns a list of users that match these letters. The component lets you select a player.

I used this component to implement 1-on-1 chats. If a player wants to start a conversation with another player she knows by name she needs a way to select this player.

The component helps with that. The player selects the name, clicks a button and a chat channel will be opened that is private and only the two players can access it. This channel will be persistent, ie if they want to talk again at a later point in time they will get the same channel with all its history etc.

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