I experimented with a completely new user interface system this week. The idea behind it is that players can create highly customized “workspaces” from a large number of different widgets. These widgets are arranged as “tiles” that fill the whole screen. Most of my time was spent on getting the tiling mechanism working in a stand-alone prototype without connection to the game server. Things like splitting tiles, changing their size and defining their content. At the end I had a somewhat satisfactory version running, but it will require a lot more work still, especially once I start integrating actual content.


This week I implemented a traffic information system. It collects all flight information for any given system and the player’s clients can use it to display the ship movements of other players within the same system.

I also tweaked and fixed a lot of minor things concerning the STL flight and I am positive that we can close that chapter early next week. I’ll continue to work on faster than light FTL travel afterwards.