Prosperous Universe is the realization of our dream of an open economy simulation sandbox in which the course of history is determined by actual players, not by pre-written story lines or scripted NPCs.

We believe that this goal can be best achieved with a single game world in which each and every player is immersed in the same overarching flow of events. Every single action can have a heavy and long-term impact on the game world as we do not intend to ever reset it once it has started.

Economic loop and player-driven supply chains

At the heart of our vision lies the concept of a closed economic loop. While there have been thousands of browser-based sci-fi strategy games before that emphasize military conflict, Prosperous Universe is all about the economy and complex player-driven supply chains in which every material has to be either produced or purchased from other player-run companies. Mid- and end-game content is only ever accessible if players manage to provide for the respective prerequisites first. The game itself only supplies the mere minimum to get players started.

Prosperous Universe will provide many low-level features that by themselves are not particularly complex, but which —as the sum of their parts— will allow for meaningful, high-level meta game play. Think of forging huge alliances, building lasting empires and waging trade wars by employing diplomacy, strategy and intrigue.

We think that the browser is a very capable gaming platform, available on pretty much every computer in the world. Achieving immersion is not a matter of high-definition graphics but of a plausible and consistent way of interacting with the game world. We are convinced that our unique user interface is just that: A window into the down-to-earth, hard(‘ish) sci-fi world of Prosperous Universe.

Straight-forward and transparent business model

Last but not least, we are firm believers in classic pay-to-play business models: We want the success (or failure) of players to solely depend on their actions, not on the size of their real-life wallets. And while we will give almost unlimited freedom to our players within the game world, using real-world money to gain in-game advantages will be strictly prohibited. Our monetization model is straight-forward and transparent: No-strings-attached, prepaid game time.