Coming from very different backgrounds, the team behind Prosperous Universe shares a common passion for hard science fiction and serious business simulation games.

With many years of experience in the development and operation of browser-based online games we want to realize our dream of a persistent online universe in which every action has real consequences and that brings together thousands of players in a single living game world.

Martin Simons twitter

Project Lead, Programming, Game Design

Martin actually holds a degree in logistics but decided early on that the shipping industry wasn't for him. There exists an undeniable passion for transport, though, leading him to create the browser-based airline management game AirlineSim in his teen years and running it to this day.

When not programming away on our server infrastructure or coming up with an AI for simulated populations, Martin takes care of all the business aspects of the project.

Michael Olp (molp) twitter

Programming, Game Design

Michael's career started out in the finance sector and had him develop software for various banks. Then he decided this wasn't fun enough and took the plunge into self-employment, creating the mobile puzzle game Blockadillo.

Anything in Prosperous Universe that's 3D and/or is moving around has probably been built by Michi.

Julian Colbus (Mjeno) twitter

PR & Community Management

Julian started out in the games industry as a freelance composer and sound designer by the name of Mediacracy Music. He has been developing his own sci-fi game on the side since 2016.

Julian takes care of anything related to the Prosperous Universe brand, press, social media channels and the production of various multimedia formats.

Mac Rebisz twitter

Design, Concept Art

Mac has been drawing spaceships long before he even learned to read. The love for "all things space" and his creative mind lead him to a world of concept art. He has worked as a concept artist and illustrator for various video game and film companies, fulfilling his childhood dreams.

In his spare time he designs space missions and spacecrafts, some of them shown on his blog Space That Never Was project.